“What to consider before your first buzz: 12 important things”.

Apr 19, 2023

Are you planning to use medical cannabis or are unsure of what conditions are appropriate for self-treatment? You may be curious and want to experience the effects of cannabis on yourself, or you may have already tried it and wonder what happened. Our team is at your disposal!

Would you like to get “high” for the first time and experience the altered state of perception? Do you have a condition where the use of medical cannabis has shown relief or improvement, but have no experience with it and are unsure of the optimal conditions for self-treatment?

Good preparation is also important for recreational cannabis use. Are you curious and want to find out for yourself what effects cannabis has on you? We’ve compiled the top twelve tips you should know before your first experience with weed to properly prepare yourself for getting stoned!

Are you sure it’s the right time to use cannabis for the first time?

Do you feel good overall and rested? Have you eaten enough and are you in pleasant and trustworthy company? Do you have high quality cannabis from a strain you are sure to want to try? If all this is true, then this could be the right time.

However, do you have any obligations later on? Are you feeling stressed, sad or anxious? Are you intoxicated or drugged by other means? Are the people around you unpleasant or quick-tempered? Are you expecting a call from a family member? In all these cases, you should probably postpone the timing.

Is the place where you use cannabis for the first time suitable?

The set and setting (the situation and environment) are crucial. Are you at home or in another place where you feel safe and comfortable? Do you have the possibility to rest if you want? Is there enough food and drink? Can you adjust the music and lighting to your liking? Are you with trustworthy people? If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, it’s a suitable place to try cannabis for the first time.

Are you in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people? For some reason, do you need to give the impression that your state of consciousness has not changed? Are you likely to have to leave the place before you are ready? Do you need to find your way around an unfamiliar staircase or building? Are there no snacks or drinks available? If you have to answer “yes” to these questions, you may want to rethink your plans.

Effect of cannabis may not be noticeable at first use

When it comes to drug use, people often expect drastic and immediate effects. But with cannabis, the effect can be very subtle and barely noticeable. It’s entirely possible that you won’t feel anything the first time you smoke pot.

To make the most of the experience, it is recommended to proceed slowly and thoughtfully. It is advisable to consume small doses and closely monitor one’s reaction to them. In this way, you can gradually learn how best to respond to the effects of cannabis.

Well-known cannabis expert Lester Grinspoon had written his book “Marijuana Reconsidered” before he ever tried cannabis himself. On his first try, he noticed no change. But he did not give up and tried again and again. One day he was standing in a friend’s kitchen eating pizza and suddenly felt that it tasted better than any other pizza before. He realized that he was high for the first time in his life.

So, if you want to benefit from cannabis like an expert, you should be patient and take time for several trials to gradually learn what the plant has to offer.

Why you should not mix your drugs

Cannabis is often considered a safer recreational drug, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. It becomes especially problematic when taken in combination with other drugs. Alcohol is the most commonly used drug and also one of the worst to be used at the same time as cannabis. If you try cannabis for the first time while you are already drunk, your consciousness will be altered even more and your perception will be affected. You are more likely to become disoriented and may throw up – instead of having a pleasant experience.

But it’s not just alcoholic beverages that can mar the experience. Prescription medications should also not be mixed with cannabis as they can have undesirable side effects. If you are unsure whether you can combine a particular drug with cannabis, you should always talk to a doctor first.

In summary, don’t mix your drugs if you want a positive experience. If you decide to use cannabis, make sure you understand the effects and risks, and avoid using other drugs to avoid unpleasant side effects.

How cannabis can change your perception in unexpected ways

Cannabis can affect perception in a variety of ways, including sense of time, colors, sounds, taste, spatial perception, and pattern recognition. The intensity of these experiences depends on the amount and potency of cannabis consumed, as well as the activities one engages in. For example, you can discover a new dimension of your favorite music or art, or experience a game in a different way.

However, cannabis use can also lead to short-term memory loss, which is often considered a typical symptom. However, this basically corresponds to normal forgetfulness, like when you go into another room and then wonder what you were doing there, or when you forget what you were just talking or thinking about because you got distracted.

Your perception may change differently than expected when you smoke pot

Despite the long-standing misinformation about cannabis that has been spread, it is important to understand that the effects of use are not as dramatic as is often portrayed. Compared to substances like LSD, the perceptual changes caused by cannabis are comparatively mild.

A reasonable dose of cannabis will not cause you to believe you can fly or to have vivid hallucinations. There is no sudden urge to go naked on the street. Instead, you will perceive your surroundings and friends normally, but possibly with an increased awareness of details that you did not notice before.

It is important to note that the intensity of the experience depends on the level of use, including the strength of the cannabis and the type of activity you are doing. However, if you feel that your perceptions are unusually impaired or you are concerned, talk to your doctor or a professional.

How do I know when I have consumed too much cannabis?

Cannabis can cause unexpected effects in some people. That’s why it’s important to know when you’ve had enough. When using cannabis for the first time or trying a new strain, start slowly and gradually increase the dose. Once you notice the effects kick in, stop consuming and wait 15-20 minutes to see how your sensations develop.

Cannabis overdose can cause unpleasant physical symptoms. These include dizziness, nausea, loss of balance, feeling cold, sweating and tremors. In some cases, a condition called “whitey” may occur, in which blood flows from the face, causing extreme pallor.

There may also be tunnel vision or hearing sounds that seem to distort into white noise. An overdose can usually also lead to vomiting. However, it is important to note that while cannabis overdose can be unpleasant, it is not fatal.

It is always advisable to start slowly and build up your tolerance rather than consuming too much at once. If you feel uncomfortable, you should stop and rest until the symptoms subside.

Never take weed on an empty stomach: Cannabis, hypoglycemia and orthostatic hypotension.

If you use cannabis, it’s important to know how to minimize its effects on your body. Many inexperienced cannabis users experience a sudden and disruptive drop in blood pressure that can lead to physical collapse and unconsciousness if not treated immediately. This condition is called orthostatic or postural hypotension.

To avoid this, you should never consume cannabis on an empty stomach. The increase in heart rate, which is usually the result, causes the blood to circulate faster. This dilutes insulin in the bloodstream, which impairs the body’s ability to metabolize glucose. This can lead to hypoglycemia, a condition in which blood glucose levels are too low.

To minimize this risk, eat a meal before consuming cannabis. Ideally, it should be a high-carbohydrate meal to keep blood sugar levels stable. It is also important to stay hydrated and not overexert yourself while using cannabis.

By taking these precautions, you can minimize the risks of orthostatic hypotension and hypoglycemia and enjoy a pleasant, safe and controlled high.

The 15:15 rule is a simple but effective way to act quickly when blood sugar levels suddenly drop. It states that 15 grams of sugar and waiting 15 minutes can bring low blood sugar back to normal levels. If your stomach is empty, the lack of sugar available to break down the insulin you have can lead to hypoglycemia. Interestingly, there is also a relationship between hypoglycemia and orthostatic hypotension, as many patients with recurrent orthostatic hypotension have low blood glucose levels.

If you experience such symptoms after using cannabis, it is important not to panic. Instead, sit in a comfortable position and drink sugar water. As a rule, the blood glucose level normalizes within a short time. The 15:15 rule recommends consuming 15 grams of sugar and waiting 15 minutes to effectively bring blood sugar back to normal levels.

For individuals who use cannabis regularly, it is likely that as dose tolerance increases, the frequency and intensity of such events will rapidly decrease. However, if symptoms persist, medical treatment should be considered, as recurrence may indicate an underlying condition. It is important that people who use cannabis know about the 15:15 rule and can act quickly and effectively in the event of hypoglycemia to avoid unwanted side effects.

How to deal with paranoia and a “whitey”: the healing effect of bananas

When using cannabis, paranoia and a “whitey” (pale face, dizziness) are the two most common and feared side effects. Paranoia can occur due to heightened awareness of surroundings and people, especially when in a place where use is illegal or unacceptable.

To avoid these side effects, it is important to choose an appropriate setting for the experience and to minimize factors that may cause paranoia or stress. Feelings of paranoia may indicate the onset of a “whitey.”

Being unfamiliar with the effects of cannabis can easily lead to anxiety, which can increase paranoia and lead to a “whitey.” In this case, sweet and carbohydrate-rich foods like bananas can help restore balance and relieve dizziness. It is also helpful to lie down and keep warm.

Experienced cannabis users may also occasionally misjudge dosage, setting, or blood sugar levels and experience symptoms similar to novice users. The difference, however, is that novice consumers often panic, while experienced consumers know how to manage symptoms and ask for a snack.

Consider all your medical or psychological conditions before smoking pot for the first time

Before using cannabis for the first time, you should be aware of potential interactions with your pre-existing health conditions. Whether it’s diabetes, a history of mental illness in your family, depression, medication use or lung problems, careful consideration is imperative. Consultation with your physician is advisable if you suspect that a factor is present that precludes the safe and healthful use of cannabis.

Cannabis can affect several existing health problems in different ways, including epilepsy, hypertension, migraines, schizophrenia, and more. While the medical community is learning more and more about these effects, in many cases there is still no consensus. It is believed that dosage and cannabinoid ratio are of paramount importance when it comes to medical cannabis use, and that the chosen method of use may also influence benefits.

There is very little evidence that cannabis use itself is a cause of mental illness. However, there is a link between substance dependence and many of these often very serious conditions. Although mentally ill individuals should not self-medicate by using cannabis, many report some subjective relief of symptoms from their cannabis use. People suffering from schizophrenia, anxiety, and bipolar disorder may experience greater subjective improvement than many currently available medications. Nevertheless, it is important to limit cannabis use to low doses in chronic psychiatric illness and to inform the physician about cannabis use.

The best way to smoke pot for the first time: Inform and decide

Using cannabis for the first time can be exciting, but it’s important to educate yourself on the different methods of use to choose the best method for you. Although smoking cannabis is the most common method chosen, it is not necessarily the healthiest.

Smoking cannabis can be a risk factor for lung cancer, similar to smoking tobacco. However, studies have shown that high-quality cannabis poses no additional risk for cancer or lung disease. However, there is always a risk of lung irritation from burning tars and other compounds that may be present in plant material.

A safer and more effective alternative is to use a vaporizer. It minimizes the risk of lung irritation from burning tars and other compounds that may be found in plant material. Alternatively, people can opt for sublingual use (usually in the form of a tincture), “medibles” for oral consumption, and even pharmaceutically isolated cannabinoids like Marinol.

Consuming cannabis is another way to minimize the risk of lung irritation. However, it is more difficult to estimate the dose correctly and the effect occurs more slowly and lasts longer.

Ultimately, it is important to educate yourself on the various methods of consumption and make an informed decision. For many people, vaporizers are an optimal choice and they are more readily available today than ever before.

Consider the origin of the weed you want to try for the first time: Tips for a safe and fun experience

For those of you who are not fortunate enough to have safe access to cannabis (nor are you able to grow your own), finding a reliable and quality cannabis supply is of the utmost importance. The potential harm of contaminants and low-grade cannabis has not been conclusively assessed, but numerous potentially harmful ingredients such as glass powder and construction sand may be added for the purpose of weight gain. This can lead to severe respiratory illness when used.

Even if black-market cannabis is free of weight-enhancing additives, the pesticide and fertilizer content of the crop can be dangerously high. For these reasons, it is always better to grow your own cannabis to ensure that chemicals are kept to a minimum. Otherwise, it is always important to find a trusted source as close as possible to the production origin. Keeping sources to a minimum ensures consistent quality and also minimizes legal risk.

Provide entertainment during the mind-altering experience of smoking pot: Tips for an entertaining experience

Games, big picture books, a selection of your favorite music, snacks that need to be prepared (try making a pizza yourself! But be careful with the oven), or making a collage – all these activities take on a whole new dimension when you’re high. However, you may just want to sit quietly and meditate after your first cannabis use, in which case all you need is a soft pillow. But if cannabis awakens the need for creativity in you, you’ll appreciate having some activities to choose from.

We hope you find these tips helpful. In addition, we would be happy if you send us your own tips as a comment. And we’d love to know if you would have been happy if you had known certain things before your first cannabis experiment! If you’re already an experienced cannabis user and have friends who want to try cannabis for the first time, please forward this post to them – it might save their friends (and maybe you) from a “whitey”.

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